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Industrial Buildings

Commodity Storage

Welland Sand Salt Shed

welland_sand_salt_shed06Project Summary: The Welland Ontario sand salt storage shed, built by Pavilion Structures, is another example of of a well planned and well built sand and salt storage building design for optimum efficiency.  Covering more than 32,000 square feet, the pavilion was designed based on the best management practices for salt use and storage.  Read more about the Welland Sand Salt Shed.

Newmarket Salt and Sand Storage

newmarket-1-8-x-10-taggedProject Summary: The process of bringing together all the elements for a Salt & Sand shed and complete works yard took some thought and lots of hard work. The building you see above is the completed shed for the New Market, Ontario highways works yard, with an 80’ wide vestibule and 104’ wide main building this structure is a beauty to look at and work in.  Read more about the Newmarket Salt and Sand Storage Building.

Sand and Salt Facilities: Western Canada

salt sand storage buildingsProject Summary: Pavilion supplied 25 sand and salt storage facilities to highway maintenance companies throughout Western Canada.  Pavilion was able to provide multiple fabric structures in a very short time frame as these projects had to be completed by a certain date to comply with the government mandate.  Read more about the Western Canada sand and salt facilities project.

Xstrata Nickel

commodity storage mine buildingProject Summary: This Pavilion structure is used for commodity storage of nickel iron ore. The Pavilion fabric structure has been designed for a conveyor system and oversized doors. Pavilion was able to design and deliver customer request to heighten the building to increase the overall nickel ore storage in the building.  Read more about this mine site storage building.

Equipment Storage and Repair

Transwest Mining

transwest-mining-industrial-building-004Project Summary: The Pavilion fabric structure is 65’ high allowing the massive tar sand haulers to enter the building and raise their bucket.  This fabric structure is lined and insulated allowing workers to work comfortably in the extreme northern Canadian temperatures 12 months out of the year.  See more pictures and information about this mine site building.


Shop in a BoxBuilding info: The SHOPinaBOX™ series is revolutionizing the portable building sector.  SHOPinaBOX™ is the ultimate solution for a compact, portable, quick to install building.  SHOPinaBOX™ can be installed in the most remote region, and be used as the initial basecamp for operations.  See more SHOPinaBOX information.

Waste Management and Recycling

Direct Disposal Corp

waste management buildingProject Summary: The Pavilion fabric building is a split-level building allowing for waste managers to separate refuse.  Refuse is sorted on the top level, and loaded on the bottom level.  Read more about this recycling building.