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NASA – ATK Launch Systems

Project Info: Located in Salt Lake City, Utah.  This Pavilion building is used by ATK Aerospace Systems where sections of the NASA shuttle boosters are refurbished for the next space flight.  You can see in the pictures above the transport truck used to carry individual booster sections from the ocean to this location after separation from the shuttle.

Building Size: 74’ x 180’ Texan Series

Why Pavilion: Pavilion was able to meet the crucial time sensitive needs of the client and met NASA and ATK’s strict purchaser requirements.  Pavilion completed the project on time and on budget.  Pavilion was able to provide all site-specific fabric structure engineering, and designed the fabric structure to accommodate the large custom doors the client required.

Click the following link to be redirected to ATK’s YouTube account to watch a video of the shuttle boosters in action: ATK on YouTube – Ares I-X First Flight.  Make sure to come back once you are done watching.