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Commercial Buildings

Aviation Applications

NASA - ATK Launch Systems

commercial buildingsProject Summary: This Pavilion building is used by ATK Aerospace Systems where sections of the NASA shuttle boosters are refurbished for the next space flight.  Large bi-fold doors were placed in either end of the building to allow the direct drive through operations needed. Read more about the ATK Launch Systems project.

Sports and Recreation Applications

Penticton Soccer Association

penticton soccer facilityThis Adidas sponsored indoor soccer facility has full amenities and includes one full regulation size soccer field, and a 4 metre wide x 400 metre running track.  The Penticton soccer association wanted the assurance that their players were playing in the safest facility on the market and safety has always been Pavilion #1 concern and is the cornerstone of Pavilion’s mission.  Read more about the Penticton Indoor Soccer Center.

Lake Tobias – Wildlife Park

custom commercial buildingProject Summary: Pavilion project consists of two custom designed and engineered buildings for a zoo exhibit expansion at the wildlife park.  included in the custom design were round ends on the building and a wire cover.  Read more about this custom building project.

Marine Boat Storage

Maple Bay Marina

Marine Boat Storage ShedProject Summary: These custom floating buildings at Maple Bay Marina house yachts that are worth 5 – 10 million dollars.   Pavilion was able to design a floating fabric building that is unmatched in the industry.  See more about this floating boat storage building.

IMF – International Marine Floatations

marine boat storage buildingProject Summary: This boat storage building sits upon concrete dock floats which are site specifically designed and engineered to carry the weight of the building and to float 18” above water with the weight of building.  Pavilion designs all marine boat shelters to meet the International Building and Fire Code.  Read more about our boat storage buildings for marinas.

Commercial Product Storage

Procter and Gamble

Commercial WarehouseProject Summary:  This Pavilion fabric structure is used by Proctor and Gamble for research and development of new consumer products.  See more project info on the Proctor and Gamble building.