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Sand and Salt Storage Buildings

A Pavilion fabric covered building has all the properties of an ideal sand and salt storage building.  These tough and rugged buildings stand up to the worst of winter’s weather to allow the salt and sand crews to get their job accomplished without delay.  In many areas of North America, government mandates are in place to reduce the environmental exposure at salt storage locations. Pavilion was able to offer a wide range of fabric building sizes and arrangements to accommodate the needs of each individual site.

The salt and sand storage buildings protect the large piles stored within them from the elements, avoiding such environmental issues as wind blown and water borne salt.  Preventing rain and melting snow from coming into contact with the salt reduces the lumping and potential clogging of salt and sand spreading trucks making for more efficient use during times of critical need.  Pavilion has been chosen to supply salt and sand storage building due to our trusted and proven manufacturing capabilities.

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Newmarket Sand and Salt Western Canada Salt and Sand Welland Ontario Salt Shed
newmarket-1-8-x-10-tagged sand and salt storage fabric building welland_sand_salt_shed02

Our industrial grade buildings may surprise you in how they outperform conventional buildings for salt and sand storage:

Anti Corrosive
Fabric covers will not rust. In a corrosive environment some roof and wall systems become essentially a short term disposable product. Pavilion fabric building covers extend the useful life of your building and the steel truss systems are all post welding hot dipped galvanized for premium rust protection.

More Light – Brighter
The translucent nature of the fabric building covers allow for tremendous daylight transfer to the interior of the building.  The covers spread the light in soft even manner which prevents shadows and provides a well lit and easy viewing experience.  Most building owners do not feel the need to turn the lights on during daylight hours.  At night time, when artificial lights are in use, the white underside of the covers reflect and distribute the light so that fewer light fixtures are needed.  Studies have shown benefits of light including human productivity and dairy cattle milk production.

Quicker to Install
From foundation to finish, Pavilion fabric building installations are typically measured in weeks, not months. some models and size, such as the Quick Construct Series, can be completed in less than a single week.   Because the buildings are pre engineered, building components are modular and designed to get your building and your business, in use without costly construction time.

Warmer in Winter
In the same way that a metal building will radiate heat from outside in, it will also radiate the cold quickly to a building’s interior.

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