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Spring into Action

Warm weather and sunny days are around the corner. Don't wait to follow the crowd. There is no better time than now to place your fabric and steel building orders.


  • 40 x 50 = $19,999.99
  • 70 x 75 = $54,999.99

Take pride in what keeps you covered. VALUE + QUALITY + SAFETY = PAVILION. Give us a call to learn more about what makes our products and services the "BEST" in the business.

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Mining Buildings

Your mine site is tough, and rugged, and often subjected to harsh climates in remote area.  You need a building company to match their buildings to your needs.  Pavilion buildings for mining sites can give you the dependability and strength you need.  Site-specific engineering means your buildings are manufactured and delivered to meet the weather challenges and operational assignments of your mine site.  Hot-dipped galvanized steel means long lasting corrosion protection and the fabric cover reduces the maintenance requirements keeping your staff working on your mine, not on your buildings.

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Xstrata Nickel Transwest Mining
mining commodity storage mining maintenance shed

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Our industrial grade buildings may surprise you with how they outperform conventional buildings for mining commodity storage, equipment maintenance buildings, and operations facilities:

Modular Go Anywhere

Pavilion building models, including the Texan Series, the Walton Series, and Shop in a Box, are pre engineered and manufactured in modular sections so that buildings can be shipped to anywhere in the world, by truck, train, or sea container, and assembled on site according to engineering specifications and local building code requirements.

Less Maintenance = More Time

Many traditional building designs require extensive maintenance, year after year. Painting, shingling, and stopping leaks are common maintenance activities on many buildings. Pavilion fabric building covers have U.V. Inhibitors to resist color fade by the sun and do not require painting.  If, after many years of use, a cover needs to be replaced the old building cover is removed and replaced with a new cover, often in less time than would be required to shingle or re-tar a roof.

Quicker to Install = Quicker to Work

From foundation to finish, Pavilion fabric building installations are typically measured in weeks, not months. some models and size, such as the Quick Construct Series, can be completed in less than a single week.   Because the buildings are pre engineered, building components are modular and designed to get your building and your business, in use without costly construction time.

Find out what makes a Pavilion Fabric Building right for your industry.

Whether your needs are temporary or permanent for storage of goods, housing machinery or housing workers at Pavilion we have a solution and a structure that’s right for you. Large or small, tall or wide, standard or custom we can do it all and back it up with a solid 18 year pro-rated warranty. If you believe what we believe which is “QUALITY = SAFETY” then you will understand why our people put so much commitment into making every Pavilion building a long lasting, weather resisting beautiful architectural masterpiece.  We use HSS (Hollow Square Structural) tubing to build all our structures along with site specific engineering which is all inclusive of our building price regardless of it being a standard design or a custom creation. Feel comfortable knowing that your workers and expensive machinery have a safe place to do what they do best. Our versatile Shop in a Box seen to the left is the future of fabric covered buildings having the best of both fabric cover and innovative sea container modifications. We have helped hundreds of customers build their dreams with our buildings why not let us help you too?