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Indoor Sports Centers

A Pavilion Structure creates the perfect outdoors spaces to play and practice, all in the comfort of the indoors. When weather shortens the outdoor season, the benefits of a Pavilion fabric structure for indoor sports centers begin to become obvious. With a bright, even, soft lighting effect, it feels like the outdoors has come indoors and both players and coaches will appreciate the wide open space and excellent acoustics offered by a fabric building.  Year round practice and play is possible in a Pavilion Structure Indoor Sports Center.  Bright open space and the the feeling of a perfect outdoor day every day of the year.

Find out what makes a Pavilion Fabric Building right for your industry.

More Light = Brighter

The translucent nature of the fabric building covers allow for tremendous daylight transfer to the interior of the building. The cover spreads the light in a soft even manner which prevents shadows and provides a well lit and easy viewing experience. Most building owners do not feel the need to turn the lights on during daylight hours.  At night time, when artificial lights are in use, the white underside of the covers reflect and distribute the light so that fewer light fixtures are needed.

Quieter Inside = Easier to Practice and Play

Metal and wood walled structures produce distracting echos which are bothersome to both players and spectators. Pavilion’s Spiderweave covers have sound dampening properties which reduce echo and create, instead, a hushed interior where sounds, especially voices, carry easily. Coaches need not shout and players can hear instructions with ease.

Cooler in Summer = More Comfort

The Spiderweave fabric used on Pavilion buildings has non-thermally conductive properties which reduce the transfer of heat from the sun to the building interior.   A metal building will radiate the heat of the sun and create an “oven effect”.  Pavilion fabric buildings feel much cooler on a hot summer day which also reduce the loads on air conditioning units.  Combined with the light transfer, pavilion building are able to provide a bright environment without the heat or UV of the sun.

Warmer in Winter= More Comfort

In the same way that a metal building will radiate heat from outside in, it will also radiate the cold quickly to a building’s interior.  The Spiderweave fabric used on Pavilion buildings has non-thermally conductive properties which reduce the transfer of cold from the outside to the inside of the building.  This may reduce the load on heating systems while maintaining a comfortable temperature.

More Air = Fresh Air

The high peak height of Pavilion fabric buildings means more air volume in the buildings. In buildings with physical activity, such as indoor sports centers, the warm moist “bad air” will rise to the top and with proper ventilation will be expelled from the building. Cooler drier air will fill the space at ground level, improving the comfort level inside the building.