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Spring into Action

Warm weather and sunny days are around the corner. Don't wait to follow the crowd. There is no better time than now to place your fabric and steel building orders.


  • 40 x 50 = $19,999.99
  • 70 x 75 = $54,999.99

Take pride in what keeps you covered. VALUE + QUALITY + SAFETY = PAVILION. Give us a call to learn more about what makes our products and services the "BEST" in the business.

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Aviation Aircraft Hangars

Whether you have to house a Boeing 747 or a Cessna, we have the right building for you. At Pavilion our in-house design and engineer team have built a reputation on creating strong weather resistant buildings of all sizes and shapes.

Choose from our pre-engineered designs or have a structure built completely customized for your needs. Hangars, Storage or De-icing if you dream it we can build it. Pavilion uses HSS (Hollow Square Structural) tubing for all its buildings along with site specific engineering for wind and snow loads which is inclusive in our pricing whether it be standard pre-engineered design or fully engineered from scratch. Pavilion can supply our customers with strictly a building sale or act as a turn key general contractor relieving stress from our customers so they can continue to do what they do best and serve their customers. Our buildings are quick to install saving our customers valuable time and money. Spider weave fire retardant fabric cover is standard for our structures but our customers can also choose from a wide variety of other membrane materials available through our extensive vendor network.

Less Maintenance = More Time

Many traditional building designs require extensive maintenance, year after year. Painting, shingling, and stopping leaks are common maintenance activities on many buildings. Pavilion fabric building covers have U.V. inhibitors to resist color fade by the sun and do not require painting.  If, after many years of use, a cover needs to be replaced the old building cover is removed and replaced with a new cover, often in less time than would be required to shingle or re-tar a roof.

Quicker to Install = Quicker to Work

From foundation to finish, Pavilion fabric building installations are typically measured in weeks, not months. Some models and sizes can be completed in less than a single week.   Because the buildings are pre engineered, building components are modular and designed to get your building and your business, in use with minimal construction time.

Cooler in Summer = More Comfort

The Spiderweave fabric used on Pavilion buildings has non-thermally conductive properties which reduce the transfer of heat from the sun to the building interior.  A metal building will radiate the heat of the sun and create an “oven effect”.  Pavilion fabric buildings feel much cooler on a hot summer day. Combined with the light transfer, pavilion building are able to provide a bright environment without the heat or UV of the sun.