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Winter will be upon us sooner than we like to admit.

Now is the time to place your order to ensure you assets and your timelines are covered before the snow flies.

Pavilion has the right line of product and the full capability to ensure your Fall projects are completed on time.


40' x 45' = $17,999.99

50' x 60' = $29,999.99

If you need affordable covered solutions (both temporary or permanent) give Pavilion a phone call.

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Fabric Buildings

More Steel = More Strength

Purchasing a new building is a major decision which we at Pavilion take very seriously.  Not only is determining the right style of fabric cover building important, but which supplier to choose can be a daunting task.  With more competition entering the fabric covered building industry it is hard to differentiate between the innovators and the imitators.

Pavilion has been an industry innovator for over 10 years and is ranked #1 in the industry for strength to price ratio.  With the increase in competition, Pavilion has witnessed first hand, companies offering inferior products.  The most common issue is that competitor’s products are not built to code and do not withstand the wind and snow loads for the building location.  In most of these cases, the customers were unaware that their fabric covered building was under designed for their site.

It has been one of Pavilion’s founding principles to educate every potential customer to give the customer the knowledge base to choose the building style and supplier that is right for them.  With this principle in mind Pavilion has set out to increase the purchasing power of our customers.  Pavilion has expanded our quoting methods to include selling buildings by the weight of the steel, which differs from the industry standard of price per square foot.  In proposals, Pavilion provides the customer with 3 factors to compare against other supplier proposals: square footage of the building, pounds per square foot, and gross weight of steel in the building.

How do we verify that the steel weight of a building is accurate?

We certify the steel weight poundage in our proposals with a stamped engineer’s certificate.  By having our engineers certify the weight of the steel provide our customers with assurance that our proposals accurately reflect the steel weight in the building proposal.

What does this mean to the customer?

No other fabric cover building competitor is able to compete with the amount of steel and strength that we offer for the same price we offer.  By pricing our buildings by the steel weight of the building, we allow the customer to immediately compare the strength of our buildings against the competition.  Pavilion stresses that it is crucial that all customers demand from potential suppliers the weight of steel in any proposed fabric building.